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Strait Gate Ministries has various activities in many capacities. We believe that the best sermon that can ever be preached is the one our daily lives show to the people. As such, we try to keep ourselves open to all people of all religions, classes and walks of life. We believe that the sole fundamental of our activities is to be vessels unto God through which HE ministers to His people (2 Timothy 2:21).

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Gospel Fellowship

As the world is becoming extremely devoid of spiritual life, Paul's words (Heb 10:25) about gathering are even more important than ever before. We always have fellowship and fun spiritually enriching activities at our Strait Gate home. While we are not a church, we continue to routinely meet with the brethren to share our experiences with GOD. Join us, reach out to us, and fellowship with us. Our spiritual counseling is based on the bible and simple practical experiences. 


Gospel Samaritan

Even so, we let our light shine before men (Matt 5:16) for we believe that our lives and actions are our loudest sermons. Our programs include; community outreaches for people below the poverty line, youth empowerment and mentorship, and skills development, among others. 

With Uganda having the youngest population in the world and yet living below the global poverty line, social activities and engagements, training and counseling have supported a lot of you people, protecting them from both crime, disease, and drugs.

Support us or any of our community projects



Who is more entitled to enjoy all the gifts nature has to give than those who fear and love the LORD. 

Come and tour the gifts of nature that Uganda has to offer. 

Our comprehensive and tailored tourist packages are competitive and satisfying. 

Come and be a part of an experience that changes your perception. You can get to live as a native in every place you visit. Our programs reach the grassroots people by giving experiences money can not buy.

Plan your trip with us. Come minister and tour in the same package.

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Gospel Missionaries

For GOD's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) and yet they will not hear without a missionary (Romans 10:14). So at Strait Gate Ministries, we use our resources and the little support we get to preach to those God brings us close to. Join us, come let's preach together. You do not need too much, just tell your story to others. Testify about Christ and He will testify about you (Mat 10:32). You can tell of God's love in your life, you can also support our activities.

To minister with us; 


Gospel Medical Camp

Sub-saharan Africa still struggles with very poor medical care and the poor facilities are not even easily accessible in some areas. Many people in rural areas are desperate for medical services. 

Strait Gate ministries with our partners, friends, and members of the medical fraternity always come together to our medical camp programs to extend free medical services to the grassroots people where it's more desperately needed.

You can support our medical camp, you can also partner with us or just come with us on one of our medical camps


Gospel Enviromentalists

The entire planet is warming up, the fields and water bodies are full of plastic. What is the role is a Christian in this current generation, is it to ignore the challenges at hand or to use this opportunity to reach out to people?

We at Strait Gate ministries have resolved to take a proactive role in our communities to organize and sensitive our communities about proper waste management, recycling, and good recommended practices to protect our environment. 

Find out more about our environment and waste management-related projects.

Our testimonies and success stories 

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I'm Janet, I was born in Paliisa district in Easter Uganda. 

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