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Our Projects

Opportunities Ahead In response to these new trends, we have identified three priorities to pursue now and into the future: 1. Train all people directly related to NHU in Biblical manhood and womanhood and promote it through all available avenues. Ongoing. 2. Develop and implement new income strategies for ministry self-sustainability. Ongoing. 3. Develop and implement a plan for advocacy and networking social/cultural/political trends. Ongoing. We expect the aggressive pursuit of these priorities will lead our overall organizational impact into the future by producing the following results: 1. Training 1,000 youth and adults in biblical Manhood and Womanhood program. Ongoing. 2. Tripling our income. 3. Putting ourselves in a proactive position with governing authorities and the law, to secure the care of orphans and widows into the future. Ongoing.

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Education & Orphanage

Dealing with the orphan crisis is ultimately about societal change through the transformative power of the Gospel. That’s why our efforts reach far beyond simply caring for individual orphaned children.

Strait Hope is committed to seeing the Gospel penetrate the society around us. As people begin to live out Biblical principles in their lives the orphan crisis will come to an end. We reach out to our communities through a variety of development initiatives


Missionary Trips

Whether it be a short-term trip to another country, a life time of missionary service, serving in your own neighborhood, church or around the world, disciples of Christ are called to GO. We are called to go to show the love of Christ to all, go to make disciples and go to labor alongside faithful servants. In doing so, we encourage and are encouraged by the body of Christ, and participate in spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Join us on a trip as we love and serve together in Uganda, we are confident you will never be the same!

Questions? Contact us!

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Clinical & Surgical Restoration Programs

Thousands die due to the lack of medical supplies.

The basics that we take for granted are not that accessible to those in   need in Africa. Children die daily due to infections, fever, malaria and so many other diseases that are common to man that can be medically treated and taken care of. Supplying the medical clinics with the bare essentials can save thousands of lives. What we take for granted others cry out in pain. Your support can make the difference between life and death. Jesus died on the cross so we would have eternal life, with your support we can save a life and show them the miracle of the Lord.


Gospel Transformation

Since God designed the Church to be the primary agent of Gospel transformation in the world, New Hope Uganda is committed to planting churches wherever we are sent.

A network of independent churches has been established, with congregations at each of our main sites and several more planted in nearby communities.

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